Valentina Lagana

Collana Misya in Alcantara



The necklace that dresses up, light and sparkling, you don't even notice you have it around your neck!

three strips of Alcantara fabric laser cut and painted gold on one side, all completed by a scratched brass brooch that acts as a clasp that embellishes it.

you can wear it long or round neck according to your outfit

material: Alcantara and brass


The jewelry does not contain nickel. The metals of which they are composed - such as silver, copper, bronze and brass - can oxidize as they are not rhodium-plated and, depending on the ph of the skin, cause the appearance of a greenish halo which will disappear after a simple washing. , therefore, it is not an allergic reaction. Avoid using perfumes on enameled parts and pearls as they could be damaged. To bring the adjustable rings to size and prevent them from deforming, use the special cone tool that you will find in any jewelry.

To clean the jewelry, simply use a soft cloth for the shiny surfaces and a steel wool pad for the satin ones. In case of more persistent oxidation, rub with bicarbonate or with cream or liquid products to clean silver and brass. For best results, wash the metal with warm water and dish soap when finished.