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Correspondence Measurements

Diameter Circumference SIZE
16 mm 48,38 mm  10
16,5 mm 50,58 mm  12
17,2 mm 53,16 mm  14
17,8 mm 57,76 mm  16

How to measure the diameter

Step 1 - Make sure the ring you are using is the right size to fit snugly into the finger you want to wear the new ring on.

Step 2 - Using your ruler or tape measure, measure the widest points inside the ring, side to side.

How to measure the circumference

Step 1 - Wrap the twine around the base of the finger so that it fits perfectly to its size.

Step 2 - With a ballpoint pen or marker, mark where the ends of the string or paper come together.

Step 3 - Spread the string or strip of paper on a flat surface and measure its length in millimeters. This number is the circumference of your finger!